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Figure 4 | Longevity & Healthspan

Figure 4

From: Life-long spontaneous exercise does not prolong lifespan but improves health span in mice

Figure 4

Plasma oxidative stress biomarkers at different survival time points (3, 20, 26 and 29 months old) in the longevity curve. A) shows a representative Western blot and the densitometric quantification of protein carbonyls in plasma. Values were normalized to those observed in the samples obtained from the three-month-old group, which was assigned a value of 100%. B) shows plasma lipid peroxidation determined as malondialdehyde {MDA). Values are shown as mean ± SD. (*) indicates P <0.05, (**) indicates P <0.01. Continuous lines show statistically significant differences between the wheel-running animals. Discontinuous lines show statistically significant differences between the sedentary animals.

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