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Figure 5

From: Transcriptional regulation of Caenorhabditis elegansFOXO/DAF-16 modulates lifespan

Figure 5

ELT-2 and SWSN-1 are required for daf-16 gene expression. (A) Pdaf-16d/f::gfp expression grown on control, elt-2 RNAi or swsn-1 RNAi bacteria. Left and middle panels worms grown on RNAi from hatching, right panel worms grown on RNAi from L4. Red arrows indicate the head region of the worms. (B) Close-up of worms shown in Panel A Left and middle columns with additional GFP RNAi control. Pdaf-16d/f::gfp expression in the head and anterior intestine of worms grown on control, gfp, elt-2, or swsn-1 RNAi bacteria from hatching. (C) Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of endogenous daf-16d/f in L4 larvae and Days 1, 2, and 5 adult daf-2(e1370) worms. For elt-2, worms were grown on RNAi bacteria from L4 stage and for swsn-1 were grown on RNAi bacteria from hatching. The expression of daf-16d/f is reduced by elt-2 or swsn-1 RNAi treatment. Additional details are shown in Additional file 1: Figure S13.

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