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  1. Review

    Immunosenescence, inflammation and Alzheimer’s disease

    Ageing impacts negatively on the development of the immune system and its ability to fight pathogens. Progressive changes in the T-cell and B-cell systems over the lifespan of individuals have a major impact o...

    Adriana Martorana, Matteo Bulati, Silvio Buffa, Mariavaleria Pellicanò, Calogero Caruso, Giuseppina Candore and Giuseppina Colonna-Romano

    Longevity & Healthspan 2012 1:8

    Published on: 1 November 2012

  2. Review

    Aging, immunosenescence and membrane rafts: the lipid connection

    The decreased efficiency of immune responses in older people is partly a consequence of alterations in T lymphocyte functions caused by modifications in the early events of signal transduction. Several alterat...

    Tamas Fulop, Aurélie Le Page, Hugo Garneau, Naheed Azimi, Sarra Baehl, Gilles Dupuis, Graham Pawelec and Anis Larbi

    Longevity & Healthspan 2012 1:6

    Published on: 4 October 2012

  3. Meeting report

    Workshop report: Can an understanding of the mechanisms underlying age-related loss of muscle mass and function guide exercise and other intervention strategies?

    An international workshop was hosted by the University of Liverpool on 15–16 July 2011 to address at a basic level what is known about the fundamental mechanisms by which skeletal muscle mass and function are ...

    Malcolm J Jackson, Anne McArdle, Aphrodite Vasilaki and Anna Kayani

    Longevity & Healthspan 2012 1:5

    Published on: 1 October 2012

  4. Review

    Thioredoxin, oxidative stress, cancer and aging

    The Free Radical or Oxidative Stress Theory of Aging is one of the most popular theories in aging research and has been extensively studied over the past several decades. However, recent evidence using transge...

    Lisa C Flores, Melanie Ortiz, Sara Dube, Gene B Hubbard, Shuko Lee, Adam Salmon, Yiqiang Zhang and Yuji Ikeno

    Longevity & Healthspan 2012 1:4

    Published on: 3 September 2012

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